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Color My World



  1. My Colors, My World Mis colores, mi mundo, by Maya Christina Gonzalez, is the story of Maya, and her quest to find bright and beautiful color in the desert where she lives. She describes what happens when a windstorm hits and everything is the same beige color.4/5.
  2. What Color is My World is an exciting yet non-fictional quick read for secondary students. It provides an in-depth history lesson on lesser known African-American inventors. Ella and Herbie’s family have moved into a new home that they are less than pleased with/5(71).
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  4. «Color My World’» is a song written by American musician James Pankow, one of the founding members of the rock/jazz fusion band Chicago. Part of Pankow’s «Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon» song cycle/suite, it was recorded for their second album Chicago, also called Chicago II ().
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  6. Color My World Inspiration. Karen loves teaching about the wonder of color. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in both Early Childhood Education and Fine Arts. She is passionate about art and interior design and believes that visually pleasing spaces depend upon successful color combinations. "Mixing colors can be exciting and help children create.
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  8. Color My World is an amazing interactive journey for children of all ages. Debbie Mancini begins the excursion immediately by inviting the reader to finish writing the opening poem and then draw a picture (in the space provided) to further express themselves.5/5(26).

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