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Damn You, Stink Man - Smersh - I Cant Orbit Without You Babe (CDr)

Classic Rock


  1. Usually, you can tell if you are smelling a little pongy, but If someone comes up and tells you that you stink it can be a bit of a shock! Maybe you had a spicy meal with a lot of garlic and onions and it is coming out through your pores.
  2. When you are near people, do they tend to get up and walk away, with a disgusted look on their face? yeah, a lot.. Nope, I smell like an angel.
  3. Shame he can't show you,' she fired back, aware that her friend's love life was disappointing at best. Jane's smile faltered a bit. 'Oh, but I can,' interjected Mentuc, completely unaware of the pit he was digging for himself. 'Hard to miss when there's evidence all over the house, really.'.
  4. I think you can even make out the haze of stink plumes faintly surrounding my carcass in some old family photos. The first time I realized that I smelled a bit ripe was during a soccer game when I.
  5. Women will probably talk about the smell of a certain flower while men will describe some item of food. But there are some things in this life that are just not worth smelling: dairy near our house, skunk recently deceased or had recently released, exhaust from the car you are stuck behind going 10 miles under the speed limit in a no passing zone.
  6. *If you're still taking prompts: either scott teaching liam to control his wolf senses but liam can't with hot sweaty scott or pervy security guard parish and the school lockeroom* From my Tumblr, hope you like
  7. By the time I moved in days later, the smell was pretty much gone. Has been gone for almost two months and is back again. I'm asking you all for your thoughts, because my landlord doesn't seem to have any idea what it is, so I foresee having to solve this myself. Maybe there's a .

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